Relax! Plus, burqas are now in fashion

In the April 4 NYT, historian Niall Ferguson discussed that the formation of "Eurabia" was one possible result of massive Muslim immigration to Europe:

The French historian Alain Besancon is one of a number of European intellectuals who detect a significant threat to the continent's traditional Christian culture. The Egyptian-born writer Bat Yeor has for some years referred to the rise of a new ''Eurabia'' that is hostile in equal measure to the United States and Israel...

A youthful Muslim society to the south and east of the Mediterranean is poised to colonize -- the term is not too strong -- a senescent Europe...

Now, two lesser lights inform us he's being alarmist ('Scot's vision of Islamic Europe is condemned as 'alarmist'):

Angus Calder, the Edinburgh-based historian, said Mr Ferguson was seeking to alarm and shock, while Neal Ascherson, the author and journalist, accused him of "playing along with fundamentalist panic"... Mr Calder said yesterday: "Ferguson is a clever man but his basic position tells me he has taken free market liberalism to an insane pitch. I would not deny that it could happen but I think he is being alarmist.

"He is definitely not a racist but he is a historian who fizzes with ideas, not all of them considered long and hard enough."

Mr Ascherson said: "The idea that they (Muslims) are coming to get us, that they will invade, settle and conquer us, is ridiculous. He is having fun, pulling our legs and enjoying himself...

Well, that puts my mind at ease. It could happen, but he's being alarmist about it. And, it's all just a jolly jape, too! The Herald article includes a history lesson at the end that our two apologists might want to pay attention to. As well as quotes such as this: "Islam will return once more to Europe as a conqueror and as a victorious power." And, of course, there's all that talk about al Andalus.


For a thoughtful look at the issue that avoids either extreme of "They'll just assimilate like everyone else" and "Ohmigod, the Arabs are taking over!", why not try Russell Arben Fox?

considering the (Crazy) Catholic Church owns a fair slab of Europe, those (Crazy) Muslims will be paying most of their rent to the Pope.

then, once they've been fleeced, it'll be time for scapegoat duties.

no mess, no fuss.