More peace-loving Kerry supporters is holding bake sales across the country in order to raise money for Kerry.

There are only a few in general Northeastern L.A. Most are on the Westside, such as this lovely event:

MECHA for Kerry and Bustamante (10 baker(s)/helper(s))
Santa Monica Library on Montana
Santa Monica, CA
WE will set up out front on the Montana side of the Library. The UCLA group and USC will have competitive tables to see who can raise the most money for our cause. We are waiting to hear from CSU Northridge and from Santa Monica City College. All are welcome; if you come to protest our event - rest assured that we will take care of you - do not protest us.
Friday, April 16, 01:30 PM

Ah, peace-loving liberals! For a recent example of other peace-loving Kerry supporters, see "The Margolis Incident".

UPDATE: As indicated above, most of these bakesales are in the Westside. There are none in Inglewood. There are none in the Compton area. The only one in the northern South L.A. area is at USC, which doesn't count.

UPDATE 2: There are now two general South L.A. bake sales, one near LaBrea/Adams, the other near Western/Adams. The Crenshaw area is still bake sale-free. Perhaps they could cut a one-day-only deal with the Nation of Islam.