John Kerry's blog is now deleting comments

On the thread 'Middle-class Misery Index Hits Record Under George Bush', I left a comment concerning JFK's immigration policies. It was posted; I checked after having posted it. It's no longer there.

Not only that, when I tried to repost it, I was forced to go through their verification again, after which I was confronted with a message telling me "You are not allowed to post comments."

My comment was not abusive, libelous, etc. in any way, I simply pointed out major problems with JFK's immigration policies. See my comment on this thread for an example (search for 'TheLonewackoBlog'). I don't know how long that comment will be there if they decide to start sending things down the Memory Hole.

Here's the deleted comment from memory:

Meanwhile, JFK's immigration policies will invite millions of illegal immigrants to come to the U.S.

That will drive down wages for the poorest Americans, and increase the tax burden on the middle-class.

But, don't worry! Some people will benefit from JFK's immigration policies: super-rich corporate tycoons who love low-wage foreign labor.

UPDATE: I should make it clear that is private property, and they have the right to delete comments at will. However, I also have a right to bring it to the attention of as many people as possible that the information contained at is moderated and that apparently JFK can't stand public debate but instead wants to wallow in samethink.

As for the comments here, I've only got about 500 in over a year and half of blogging. I've deleted several spams comments concerning Male Enhancement Products and gaming, however I've only deleted two non-spam comments. One was from this post on Nicholas "a thousand Mogadishus" DeGenova; it appeared to give his home address. The second comment I deleted was from this recent post about the Marine with the sign.


I read a great deal of subjective material from this website but no proof to back it up. If your going to make comments that will be taken seriously back it up.

To vote for John Kerry in November is to vote for The Void. It is to move a nation

Bush is pretty lenient towards the latinos... don't they also drive down wages?

Oops...just realized JFK (John F'n Kerry). Hmm...Kerry does think he's a Kennedy.

Nice comment! Kerry hates the truth. Maybe the FCC was behind their reasoning for "censoring" you. Kerry figured that anything that negates Kennedy is obscene.