Canine-Americans for John Kerry!

Ah, corporate pluralism at its finest. Not content with the human vote, John Kerry is going after Canine-Americans:

Join the growing number of K9s who are supporting their owners in their efforts to elect John Kerry as the next President of the United States!!!!!

The founders of this site are SparQuay and Karo Mae. We believe that every dog should be a "yellow dog democrat" at heart. Join us as we support our owners who support John Kerry.

Isn't that cute! I'd laugh if not for the fact that in the U.S. there are probably a few thousand pets registered to vote, and most of those are Democrats.

Canine-Americans and Canine-Caretaker-Americans join Hunter-Americans in the long list of hyphenated "Activist Communities" that JFK is trying to reach out to.

A statement from Feline-Americans is expected on Monday.

Regular-Americans could not be reached for comment.