Oakland to create gay ghetto by government fiat, remove straights

Only in California! Specifically, the town that gave us Ebonics:

[Oakland Councilman Danny Wan] wants to cultivate a gay community in the area known as Eastlake [east of Lake Merritt], by using the business development and marketing powers of the area's nascent Redevelopment Agency to turn a tumble-down neighborhood into an economic and social hot spot...

Oakland is not alone in trying to create gay-focused neighborhoods, though districts in other large cities tend to grow out of community will, as opposed to government proposals... [yes, but that would run counter to the California Way]

"It's really about creating safe places where individuals can flourish and feel welcomed," [National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce co-founder Justin Nelson]said.

Yes, but will it be Feng Shuied?

But, seriously, I like Oakland. Every time I'm in the Bay Area I try to stop at Lake Merritt. Shouldn't things like this occur naturally rather than, as the article says, by government fiat? Will the City of Oakland be using eminent domain against straight businesses, or businesses which are judged to be not gay-friendly enough? Will there be a smashing of windows of straight businesses? Forced conversions perhaps? The mind reels and the legislators drool.


Assalam Alekum

I do recognised the surprise this letter will bring to you, most especially as it comes from a stranger.I am fatima Yuusuf. We from Guinea Bissau. I am married to Dr Da'uud Yuusuf who worked with Libya embassy in Ivory Coast for nine years before he died in the year 2004. We were married for eleven years without a child. He died after a brief illness that lasted for only two weeks. Before his death we were both faithful Muslim.

Since his death I decided not to remarry or get a child outside my matrimonial home which the holly Quaran is against. When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of ($3.8Million U.S. Dollars) with the security company here in Abidjan Presently, the fund is still with the security company. Recently, my Doctor told me that I have serious sickness which
is cancer problem. The one that disturbs me most is my stroke sickness.

Having known my condition I decided to donate this fund to a Islamic institution or individual that will utilize this money the way I am going to instruct herein. I want a Islamic that will use this fund for orphanages, widows, propagating the word of mighty Allah and to endeavour that the house of mighty Allah is maintained. The holly Quaran made us to understand that Blessed is the hand that gives. I took this decision because I don

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shavonde johnson, contact.. 3758 grand ave, oaklann, ca. 94610 att:57 ph.510-493-7951

[ log to www.godsmokie.com] REPARATIONS GRANTED! NOTICE Revised. 05/06

WWW.GODSMOKIE.COM oaklan..CA. Website::Peoples compannAe ..PUHrmitted, tih keepz PAYpa worik,

NOTICE Revised. 02/04


As of November 1, 2003. Reparations, is Granted! This is an upstanding document as it is written. As of February 1, 2004. We will continue to proceed with the inaugural, for African-Americans. Monthly check's will be calculated and made payable to all African-American persons, on the 13th day, of each month. ( # 0974256382) To avoid a Reparations loss. Any, African-American / American African person(s) in touch with multiples who have been stricken against, in the building of the United States Of America are sue-able. For this just, cause of due repayment. African-Americans who have taken a severe loss, or losses during the course History., and it’s movement(s). Will be reimbursed by this executive grant. With tax money taken from the upcoming tax revenue, past assets of income, and paid tax services.

Tax money assigned thru each section, of the regional divide.

100% of 25 States Tax income and services, will go to upheld Region 1. And, 100% of 25 States Tax income and services, will go to upheld Region 2. For the purpose of, JUST DO. Totaling 50 States.

*Then-there, divided.

Meaning’s Ruling:

Region 1. Equals (=’s) 100% (percent) of, all 25 (twenty-five) States, in the moved region/areas. Payable with taxable incomes, and services.

Region 2. Equals (=’s) 100% (percent) of, all 25 (twenty-five) States, in the moved region/ areas. Payable with taxable incomes, and services.

Admittance testimonials, of past and present events of bondage have been displayed, as evidence in the plaintiff's defense. However, if new State territory is Founded, or built in the circumference, of the inbound region(s). The proficiency used to run it’s ordinance in accordance, will result in a new recount account. Meaning-(State RECOUNT.0,9742563,8,2) State ruled there after. Resulting in a new State divide, unless otherwise.

Plaintiffs / AFRICAN -AMERICANS. Complain of, repeated confessions of misconduct, explained by, the Defendants- Party.

Defendants / YA'LL FOLKS. The Decided ruling is stated in the following judgments. In the matter of African-Americans VS. "YA'LL FOLKS ". Ruling.


In-addition. 3% will be subtracted from each region, to AID all minority & re-news. Supplying each Region with a 22% Tax Gain, in it’s observance. There after movements place. Also, the voting public will then decide, if any tax adjustment due, to fluctuate within properties boundary’s thereafter. Then-there, Proceeding to the existing voting polls, for litigations.

Where-after movement, has been conducted and vindicated properly. Stolen. As-said, in the heard plaintiffs/defendants testimony’s. Say’s. And I " quote. " Also. BOOKS, in their descriptive MATERIALS excess " quote. " All film documentary demonstration documentation( s) quotes. Substantial documents. Audio releases, and video selections. (All Quote!) The described ridicule, of punishment ACTS in question. As most Evidence substantiates this duement entitled. A "New World Order. " The divide containing immediate, repayment for it’s justified abuse(s), is now upheld by the complaining Citizens. The Colony Attributes. We have been provided with descriptions of persons being, mutilated, robbed, sold, continually burdened for life, w/ ancestrally traits of blood, thresholds. Along with hardship statistics, and given prospects of those burdened, or formally burdened. To proceed to extend to others a like. The altercations foregoing. On behalf of RELETIVE concepts and situations. Given. ( 0974256382). Allowing all Blacks to hold and bare the maps of consistency conceivably conceived. Person (s). While undergoing all transformation(s) , to success proceed. Undertaking maps of justice, in Fine. Convincing the injured parties to be drawn. Taught to be drawn, "Led" to be Drawn, to the swaying idea (s) of non-ridden traditional terror facts, crucial acts, and hives mind viruses STATS input(s). Displayed from derivative tracks of the scolding barer templates in way. This major modification consists of contributing factors, that constitute the constant depleting value, of Negro Life(s). Robbery, life going. Weigh burden of tainting, w/ "DO / DUE" contained. Continuing foregoing maps o f settlement and acceptance. Reward or aid for assistance to help re-build the United States of America‘s territory. Now and then , are to be called REPARATIONS. Persons of *African American descent. (dating back, through history's judgment.) Show evidence of this trait and to be bonified. Exact finds, and fines.

All evidence, "quote(s)" these usual semetic act(s). Some items stolen are unaccountable for. Except, the mindset inheritance fought. We taught to allow prompt glorification of taught family directional, and the strategic meaning(s) of, " To do. Just do. Will do. Can Do. & All Due." For the mediocre statistical reason, fleeted implanted by it's bureau (s). "All prisoners are exempt from past & present criminal judgment(s), punishment(s), non-survival workmanship, ect... A throw scan, & broad-based study of tragedy's devious infliction(s), do not wavier against. In presence criminals are "FREE" to go, if chosen. Amongst the revealed parties. ( Apology Bering. ) Due to all, un-bias unjustifiable tampering with the human voice message(s).

Democracy constitutes, in continually conducted. Altering definition(s) and decision(s), but first being taught to act, accordingly to continue process. Not by choice, but by inheritance, and prosperity held in it's visual observance. Therefore accomplishing irrational decisions - vs.- tainting. Expedite explicate directional values of rules and coordination(s). Lightened fuse, NOT enlighten helpfuls. To all known, helpful-semi-hurtfuls and teague’s or colleagues a like. Bearing impatience - vs.- unexceptional behavior forth. Set at the drastic pace, of the under pasts. Acknowledging false circumstance(s) , is valued in it's guidance plea(s). All has been viewed in admittance testimonials, continuously admitted in evidence memorabilia. Also, known. As stated by the defendants responding party(s). Reserve. All past law acceptance, show acceptance of stereotypical values and render excessiveness to continue taught " laws " & traumatic episodes. All are undoubtedly based upon altering, and consistency of withholding. Information and persons. Accusations are not alleged. All persons who are, and were-not, legally willing to assist in the building of the United States, and Colony foregoing. Are eligible for the immediate redemption program. All presented. As the African American community confides. Persons. Property of a stolen person(s). (0974256382). Stolen by forcible, not fabricated acts of definition provided in proven testimony(s) of African American. Persons. To be honored officially by this Reparations Act, Grant. While boundary's set, based upon evidence that African American's have been definitely, admitingly, forcefully abused. All evidence, has been properly reviewed, and or renewed. All evidence episodes include: Video(s). Audio (s). Documentation (s). Photograph(s). Visuals, involving past and present issues of modification and it's continuing process. Was decided, in the rulings for probable cause for adjusted "suits." The defendants "YA'LL FOLKS " were / are, in-deed " GUILTY " of all past & present crimes inflicted and are punishable by repayment. Crimes, which have resulted in, hardships ( ov/of ) persons, stolen articles of persons, stolen property(s), stolen heritage vocabulary acceptance, stolen traditional values, and subtracted unawareness, of persons who are African-American. We have, all documented abuse and descriptive material(s) in mass consumption. That has allowed the abusive events series to halter. The Reparation's Grant, Act (2004) ( 0974256382). In order to provide the initial fund's to re- pay citizens, of the new Reparation's Act Grant. An advancement of new currency printing. If necessary, the re- generating process is not to exceed, or extend pass leverage. The Reparation's Act Grant. Continues to constitute, freedom of human rights, and being. Accompanying the desire, for non- repeating the re-directional implications, burdening human future pathways. The account is set to, resort to detaining the rights of having a non - racial debt variation. Thus, insisting denominations vary. Poverty levels own physical rankment, or value increaseage in currency transactions. Maintaining, master cleaning on earth and it's atmospheric change. For the purposes of, "Just Do." Also, focused on- the term " just do. " Reluctantly granting discount exemptions to all businesses. ( 0.7% write-offs). African American businesses partake in equity entitlement. (Growth.) Adjustment in it's equivalency. Rankment will be held accountable for, during this division modification. Denomination or (cash value) will be subject to change in financial worth, based upon ability. Until process is complete. Henceforth, making a fast even exchange satisfactory. Placed effort to re- build the Unites States of America's, taught values of liberty consumption. Wavering the amounts of claims, regular use and habits of descending the economy’s' rule. All, play key roles in annihilating constant suffrage in lieu’s way of , self- creating bondage suffrages. Reperated are those forbidden to think, and were thinkers of greatest, thoughts. Unknown. Revitalizing the rehabilitated diverted from vast thinking, thenceforth diverting offspring adolescent advancement. Creating absolute patterns. Stability now necessary for the massive thrive, to hold it's own barrier, and or cure of effectiveness dwellings, w/ directional preference of perfection, as it's goal. Manifesting the unknown hidden faces, w/ no knowledge of what can come to be, without tampering pools of past, hindrances displays. Direct evidence shows persons of African American descent, and or criteria. Were indeed used as tools, or props, with no say, or paid foundage, in creating the Foundation, of the both created, United States of America. Thus making one-half (1/2) the known materials and assets found in it's creation, African American, belonging. Property now referred to us as, The Unites States of America (The 50 states.) Are to be divided into equal proportions. Prorated and pooled , no more. 6% of all taxable monies accumulated between regions, will go towards funding educational status, highways, utilities, and technology's advancement: ( new ideas set adrift, for the lives taken granted.) Purposes, aiding the assisted releases. Technology biased for the criminally in fractured to, prosper with interaction, and assistances. The remaining 22% will be distributed monthly, to the awarded African-Americans. Each regional sector, of (25) States is not to force any inaccuracy (s) to hurry processes, thus conquering easy efficiency of tasks. Income tax breakage, and additional printed currency is under warranty. Conducted by it's offender. Parties furnishing full responsibility of forward tasks, until funds are completely, paid in full. A separate voting process is to be conducted if, a new currency divide, is sought after. Thenceforth allowing each region to produce individual currency, in alternate regions. No one is exempt from paying taxes. Grant money is taxed 00000.7% ( 0974256382). Taxes and funds are to be processed by enough officials, who are (*equally matched) in counting capacity. To meet the States deadline (13th day, of each month), in each region. STATE TAX REVENUE PAYMENTS REPAYMENTS ARE AS FOLLOWS:
Regional Areas.
REGION 1- American of American REGION 2- America of Africa
1. Alabama. 2. Connecticut. 3. Delaware. 4. Arkansas. 5. Hawaii. 6. Illinois.7. Iowa. 8. Maine. 9. Massachusetts. 1. Florida. 2. Idaho. 3. Alaska 4. Kansa.s5. Kentucky. 6. Nevada7. Louisiana. 8. Maryland. 9. Minnesota.

10. Michigan. 11. Mississippi. 12.Ohio.13. Nebraska. 14. Arizona. 15. New York. 16. North Carolina. 10. Montana.11.Colorado12. New Hampshire 13. New Jersey14. New Mexico 15. South Carolina16. North Dakota

17. South Dakota. 18.Missouri. . 19. Oklahoma. 20. Texas. 21. Vermont.22. Virginia.23. Wyoming 24. Indiana 17. Oregon. 18.Pennsylvania. 19. Rhode Island.20. Tennessee. 21. Utah 22.Washington 23. West Virginia

25. ( @ ) **California. EAST. WEST 24. Wisconsin.25. ( @ )*California. SOUTH. NORTH

**Georgia. WEST. EAST *Georgia. SOUTH. WEST
**Indiana. WEST. NORTH. *Indiana. WEST. NORTH.

**Nevada. NORTH. SOUTH *Nevada. WEST. EAST
**New York. SOUTH. WEST *New York. NORTH. EAST

Announcement 1- Broadcast monthly. Live verification on all broadcast stations, announcing the total of income of Region. 1 and Region. 2. Live verification all checks have been distributed.


*equally matched-the only qualification we ask to qualify for these two position's are... Minority: 1. You must be born of American African descent and able to learn. Born in the USA. Always Thinking "We been brainwashed To redirect thinking from the time of birth."Majority: 2. Any person who is not of African American descent and able to learn. Born in the USA.**American African/African American- Meaning definition Includes. All children, who's parent(s) are born of American African/African American descent.***American of American / YA'LL FOLKS -Persons who are not of African American descent, are those who parent(s) are not, born of American African/African American descent. ****Then-there ( translation) " Like That- there! "