The disturbing ties of some of George W. Bush's Latino advisors

From the older article 'Los Amigos de Bush: The disturbing ties of some of George W. Bush's Latino advisors':

Those who say that George W. Bush has scant knowledge of foreign affairs don't understand his family's relationship with Mexico.

If one event could be said to make that relationship visible, it had to be the state dinner given eleven years ago by President Bush for Mexico's president, Carlos Salinas. It was an elegant yet boisterous gala, where the biggest movers and shakers in Texas and Mexico congregated and celebrated. This group was to become W's Mexican legacy, a gift of ties and connections passed on from the father to his son.

What was not visible was that the group included two men with numerous links to drug cartel figures. These men helped George W. Bush win the Latino vote in Texas. Which raises a few questions: How did these guys get into the Bush circle? What else do they do for him? And, to rephrase a famous query, what did the presidential candidate know and when did he know it?

It goes into great depth regarding Bush's very questionable ties with some bad people.

I found out about this article from Steve Sailer's 'The Bush Betrayal: Maybe He's Not Thinking But Feeling - Family Feeling, Mexican Style' in which he tried to figure out why Bush would propose the Bush/Fox Amnesty.