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DOG Derb Discusses Diversity

The Derb has an interesting column on fake diversity.

(The titular "DOG" means "Designated Oppressor Group.")

MultiCultiCult · Wed, 03/24/2004 - 21:41 · Importance: 1

Thu, 04/15/2004 - 00:24
john s bolton

The idea that the anti-culture of the last 40-odd years is doing damage to the interests of the majority in the name of tolerance is surely true. Yet it might be getting missed that this anti-culture is racializing our society for a purpose; in order to increase the chances for such conflict up to the point where officials get to declare an emergency and put in a dictatorship. If it were seen that this is the consequence, and thus the presumed objective of these elements, a lot of misdirected argument would be spared. The pro-diversity is what this movement can be called by now; yet look how its presumptive opponents scramble to insist that they are pro-diversity, too. Let them go more on the offensive and accuse the other side of balkanizing and racializing the country; then there is more of a chance to stop the anti-culture from consuming our civilization. Don't worry about being called anti-diversity or such names, but challenge their definitions.