Hey Kids! Make your own Hate Industry Rationalization!

The Claremont McKenna College professor who appears to have been the victim of a hate crime is now suspected of perpetrating a hoax.

A hoax? Imagine that, a fake hate crime.

After giving an anti-hate speech, she went out to her car to find the windows smashed and it covered with hate graffitti. Thence followed marches, speeches, sit-ins, sit-downs, stand-ins, repudiations, the airbrushing of photos, posthumous rehabilitations, etc. etc. Now she's suspected of causing all the damage herself.

Let's turn this lemon into lemonade and a fun project!

Let's see who can come up with a Press Release closest to the upcoming Official Rationalization. Using the Language of the Oppressor is OK, just keep it to four paragraphs or less.

Here's a start: the article linked to above is titled 'Professor Suspected of Staging Hate Crime'. The very same AP report is entitled 'Calif. Professor Suspected of Vandalism' in al-Guardian and many other papers.