"Hate crime possible in deaths of immigrant mother, daughter"

That's the title of the AZCentral/Arizona Republic version of the AP report I excoriated earlier.

As noted, the AP report appears in over 60 newspapers under titles similar to "Police see possible hate crime in California". The AZCentral report is the same as the AP report, except for the headline.

Apparently, an editor at AZCentral felt that the AP report wasn't biased enough, and had to be tweaked to make it even more biased. I sent a polite email to AZCentral, and I suggest you do the same:


Leon Levitt
Executive Vice President/Digital Media
(602) 444-8396

John Leach
Editor, Digital Media
(602) 444-8746
AZ Republic:

Ward Bushee Editor 602-444-8087

Jeff Dozbaba News Editor 602-444-4379

Randy Lovely Managing Editor 602-444-8790

UPDATE: There's more on AP bias here and here.