"Sheriff has volunteers shadowing school buses after attack heightens safety concerns in rural areas"

From the Sierra Vista [AZ] Herald:

County Sheriff Larry Dever said members of the Sheriff's Assist Team, a group of volunteers, have begun shadowing school buses in Palominas and Sierra Vista school districts.

The main purpose is to add another layer of protection to children from potentially dangerous illegal immigrants, Dever said...

Most recently, a Hereford woman and her daughter were allegedly accosted by three illegal Mexican immigrants The three men allegedly pulled the woman and her daughter from their vehicle, then stole it.

There have been other incidents. There was a carjacking at Valley View School in Palominas a few months ago. In a separate incident, a car was stolen from an elderly couple in Parker Canyon, Dever said.

There also have been numerous reports of groups of illegal immigrants passing near children as they waited for their school buses.

"The potential for conflict and tragedy is significant. Everybody in the community is concerned," Dever said...