Let Janet and Justin perform at the Grammy's!

And, why not? Maybe we'll see some bush this time. At the least, we might get to see Janet Jackson's other boob. Yes, that's right, Janet Jackson's tits. Yes, the teats of Janet Jackson.

But, seriously, would you like to sign the petition I just created? Here's the text:

To: CBS, The Grammy Awards, The American People
Let Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson perform to the best of their abilities at the upcoming Grammy Awards! Please do not attempt to silence or restrain these Superstars in any way!

The unfortunate incident at the Big Game was just that: an unfortunate incident. As Janet and Justin have stated time and time again, it was simply due to an equipment malfunction. Janet and Justin would not attempt to sully America's enjoyment of the Big Game in any way.

Let Justin and Janet - America's top and beloved Superstars - express themselves at the upcoming Grammy Awards free of hindrance, delay, or other restriction!


The Undersigned