"Calif. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Receives Death Threat Over Immigrant Bill"

From this:

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (AP) - The offices of Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher received dozens of threatening telephone calls Tuesday, including one death threat, after he authored a bill that would limit health care services for immigrants.
Information on the threats was turned over to police. "It will be forwarded to out detectives," said police Lt. Tom Donnelly.

The bill, introduced last week, would require hospitals to report a patient's immigration status before they could be reimbursed for treatment. Patients found to be in the United States illegally could be deported.

Threatening calls began after the bill was discussed on a New York radio station Tuesday. The office received so many calls they stopped answering the phone...

Relax, they're just here to make the threats Americans won't make.