"Correcting the Record About President Bush's Immigration Proposal"

FAIR has released a rather scathing critique of the Bush/Fox Amnesty. Read it here. For instance:

Q. Is this amnesty?

A. You bet it is. Any program that allows millions of illegal aliens to receive legal status in this country is an amnesty. The difference between this amnesty and the one signed by President Reagan in 1986 is that this one includes an interim guestworker status for people transitioning from illegal alien status to legal permanent residency. Under the president's plan, current illegal aliens would be given guestworker status for up to six years and be eligible for Social Security numbers and driver's licenses. It is absolutely not credible to believe that under the circumstances any of these people will ever leave, or that they will not be granted permanent residence. In addition, because it allows them to bring family members to join them, amnesty will be extended to countless millions more.

President Bush also promises "enhanced workplace enforcement again those who violate the immigration laws." The obvious question is: Why has there been virtually no workplace enforcement over the past three years of his administration? Why should anyone believe, after years of empty promises by Republican and Democratic administrations, that this time they will keep their word? Why doesn't the president begin "enhanced work place enforcement" today? He does not need any additional legislation to do that. It is already the law.

Read the whole thing, and be sure to send it to anyone who supports Bush's plan.


Does President Bush not know that unrestrained immigration is what is wrong with the workforce here in the united States ? I grant that these people will work at some of the jobs other Americans refuse, but at the same time all one has to do is go into a doctor's office or grocery store and see these people using their medical and food cards for free food and services to realize they are indeed a drastic drain on the taxpayer.I believe we could either drastically cut back or completely stop the immigration aid given these immigrants, raise the minimum wage to where an American common laborer would have incentive to work, and still be better off financially. I just cannot see where we are better off to finance these people into our country, give them free food and a medical card, very low cost or free housing, while some Americans refuse to work because the minimum wage is too low for them to make a living for their families. I feel there has to be a better solution to this very great problem facing our society.