3 Illegal Immigration Myths

From Right Wing News:

Myth #1) There's no way to get rid of the 8-12 illegal aliens who are already here so we might as well give them some sort of legal status: What a load of tommyrot that is. Getting rid of the majority of illegal aliens who are already here is actually fairly EASY.

Now, why do I say that? Because the illegals aren't coming here to see the Grand Canyon or because they like the climate, most of them want to get WORK. So, if we get serious about enforcing the law, lay down a few massive fines or better yet, put a few flagrant violators who knowingly hire large numbers of illegals in jail, and that's all it'll take to get the rest of the business owners in line. If you crack down on the people who are employing the illegals, the jobs will dry up, and most illegal aliens will self-deport. That's just common sense...

At the same time, we also need to limit social services to illegal aliens, otherwise those who aren't able to find work might consider staying here on the public dime.

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His previous post has some shocking statistics on criminal aliens.


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