Behind the scenes at the Lonewacko Blog

Driving from Fort Stockton, Texas to Carlsbad, New Mexico with his tape recorder in his hand, blogging superstar "Lonewacko" tries to write the Great American Road Novel. This transcript - taken direct and unedited from the Lonewacko tape recorder - shows the blogging legend at work:

"shocked around the bend and see two giant mobile homes, two huge wide loads coming straight at you several feet into your lane.
The asphalt creates a lake that evaporates and disappears as you approach, only to reappear further on down the road. Cars coming at you appear to have undercarriage lights as their chrome reflects in the sunlight. It's hard to tell distances and it's hard to tell whether the car coming straight at you is in your lane or not. The reflection of the cars in the distance makes them look like boats on a lake. As the semi-trucks get closer all apparitions have disappeared, and the truck is there just like it would be on a freeway. Except the truck is driving 70 miles per hour and just feet to your left. The truck passes and so does the danger, however, to leave you a momento of your meeting, the truck's wake slams into your car and forces you to turn the wheel a bit to correct.

Suddenly the top of a tractor trailer or a moterhome rises over the next bump in the road. Slowly but steadily rises over the next bump.

In parts, water across the road forms a serious of strems whcih evaporate together like gates lifting. Tires of the semi-trucks reflect the water underneath them. Chrome shimmers in the heat."