Old timey Dallas

[I visited Dallas around November 10, this entry is just catching up.]

I rode the streetcar a bit through The Historic Uptown Section of Dallas. Apparently, this used to be a rundown section of the city until a group of civic-minded folks (no doubt including real estate developers) decided to revive the streetcars. Since then, property values have skyrocketed, downtown commuters have moved in, and new buildings and shopping centers have been built.

This is apparently in line with Dallasites' obsession with improvement. Nothing can be left well enough alone, it must be cleaned up and, when necessary, old buildings must be torn down to make way for the new.

One of the streetcar workers (not the gent above) reiterated what I had heard before: in order to find King of the Hill-type settings and people, I need to go looking for pockets. He indicated a few places to look, but I just might head south to Waco or Austin instead and leave that to other KOTH fans. He also gave a good impersonation of Hank Hill, and mentioned that he, like Hank and friends, used to hang out in an alley and drink beer in those same areas.

I didn't even bother to try to connect to the wireless at The Mansion On Turtle Creek. While I was able to impersonate a guest at the Irving Holiday Inn Select, I think I'd be spotted immediately for the indigent that I am at that place.