A Lonewacko in the Land of the Goddesses

I knew there was something special about Asheville, NC the moment I drove through there on the freeway. I hadn't even gotten into the town itself or gotten off the highway, and I knew that this town was different. Even those less astute have figured it out; Asheville has been featured in the NYT, on CBS, and in many other media outlets.

What's so special about it? Well, let's start with the women here. All types: short, tall, long curly brown hair, short cute page boy styles, some wearing tasteful makeup, others more the outdoorsy type, and the list goes on.

Of all the places on my journeys, Asheville seems to have a very high per capita of babes. You see them walking along Asheville's attractive downtown area, looking like they could climb mountains in the morning and go for their doctorate at UNCA in the afternoon. And, they aren't stuck-up like many of the L.A. babes either. It's truly a babe wonderland!


And, the scenery here is great. But, the babes are really the star...

Lonewacko! Are you listening to me?

Yes, what is it, inner voice?

Lonewacko, are you sitting down? I have something to tell you...

Tune in to the Lonewacko Blog tomorrow sometime to find out the surprise ending to this post.

What does Lonewacko's inner voice have to say?

Find out tomorrow!


wacko, the reason you're efforts with the ladies are so ineffectual is because the victems have an internal radar that spots closet pervs a mile off. Intuitively they recognize you don't have a hetro bone in your limp-dicked body. that's the short answer.