The Capitol at night

Traffic wasn't that bad, and I soon found the place where I was going to stay, which will be covered in the next post. Stopping at the Boston Market in College Park, I discovered to my dismay cool cornbread.

Subsequently, I tried to get WiFi access at Chop It in College Park. Their connection was very slow, even when I moved to the area of the restaurant with a good signal. So, I decided to try something closer to central D.C., and I headed off for Zanzibar which, cutely enough, is a bar. I drove into D.C. through what looked to be one of its no doubt many fine ghettoes, watching about a dozen D.C. cops drive around with lights and sirens blazing for no apparent reason.

Zanzibar turned out to be much more than a bar, it's a dance club. There was no street parking around for several blocks, and the parking garage wanted $7. So, I gave up on WiFi for the night and headed to the Capitol.

I was quite impressed. This is, after all, the place from the TV. I tried to take a picture of the Washington monument from the steps of the Capitol, but I was interrupted by a Capitol Building cop who asked if I had a tripod permit. Since I didn't, I had to move down the steps and across the street. Despite that, it was pretty cool being mostly all alone there.

Yes, I know the picture is slightly askew; I'll fix it for the book.