Baltimore seemed OK for a smallish, flat, gritty East Coast city. At least based on the 1/2 hour driving tour I took.

It supposedly has a few large ships, although all I saw was a Coast Guard cutter. It even has a Hooters.

In a desperate attempt to escape the flatlands, one can apparently take a balloon ride over the city. It's tethered from below so they can't get too far away, and it goes about as high up as the elevation of Riverside Drive in Griffith Park.

Baltimore has several fine old brick buildings. Unfortunately, the town elders seem to have little taste and have not passed restrictive signage ordinances. Many of the fine buildings are covered with garish signs and the like.

The worst of all was the Squidport Power Plant, a five-storied brick building which appears to be a half-assed attempt at restoration and multi-use development. The huge Barnes & Nobles, ESPN Zone, and Hard Rock Cafe signs were quite inappropriate against such a building.

There appeared to be many other tourons here for some reason or other, as well as a few hot Balto babes.

Finishing my tour, I drove to Washington, D.C.