"Lonewacko to bag the top of New Jersey"

October 9, 2003: "That peak is mine" Lonewacko intoned while pointing his ice axe in the general direction of High Point, New Jersey (1803'). "None shall challenge my hegemony over the peaks of the flatlands!"

I'll probably be doing this today, as it's only about 50 miles away. Unfortunately, that means I'll be leaving this area, and without passing out the flyers referred to in the previous post. I might be back, however.

I'll also unfortunately be passing by NYC. The kind folks at nycbloggers.com apparently didn't get the email I sent a few days ago asking for help; or, maybe they're feverishly working on my request. The blogosphere comes through again.

In any case, I'll be visiting Philly and possibly the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in search of some rock climbing possibilities. Unfortunately, it appears to be a resort area like the one I'm in now, and the prices appear to be high. So, I might not stay long.

UPDATE: OK, OK, so I blogged too soon. nycbloggers.com indicate that while they can't send emails to all their members (understandable), they can make this very blog their featured blog during my visit (commendable). Unfortunately, I'm now in the Poconos and moving south, so I probably won't be visiting NYC this trip.