In the footsteps of Al Sharpton

I (thankfully) exited Connecticut and entered the next state over, New York, on the 84. Looking at the map I realized I had the opportunity to drive through Wappingers Falls, so, naturally, I decided to do so.

For a small town, WF, or at least the main street portion of it, doesn't look that bad. Shame, shame on the Right Reverend Al for besmirching the name of that fine community!

The ladies at the Grinnell library were quite helpful in answering my touron questions; one of them was right up Lonewacko's dark alley, albeit a bit too young and con boyfriend. I asked them and another person, "Why would someone from L.A. specifically be sure to visit WF?" Well, quite unfortunately, l'affaire Tawana was not the first thing they thought of, or even the second or third. Apparently a lot of time has passed and, despite still being mentioned occasionally on blogs and such, the Tawana and Al show appears to not be the first thing in most people's minds there. In fact, it appears they might be able to even joke about it.

So, my last minute thought that it'd be fun to pass out Al Sharpton for President bumper stickers wouldn't have quite the effect that I originally thought it might. So, I moved on and across to the west side of the Hudson in search of cheap lodging.

Of note also is that WF is in Dutchess County, which leads the nation in cases of Lyme disease: 14,000 reported cases so far. They've just decided to start fumigating the local deer.