Littleton, NH

Sep. 21, 2003: After Mt. Mansfield, I took the 2 through St. Johnsbury VT and Littleton NH. In St. Johnsbury I stopped for a slice of pizza and found to my surprise a fellow traveler: a college-age kid who'd been in 43 of the states, and who'd driven across the U.S. in six days. Despite that, he chose to live in St. Johnsbury, apparently because he's a snowmobiler. I was pressed for time, otherwise I'd have found out more.

I spent the night at the International Motel in Littleton. If you're really, really hard up, and they have a coupon in one of the traveler's magazines, consider it. But, only if your tent has a leak or something.

Littleton has a touristy side complete with a quaint downtown. It also has a beaten-down and stomped-on side, which was near the motel and the local Wal*Mart. I was unable to ascertain the main industry employing most of the empty-eyed residents, but somehow they keep on keeping on. Overall, it's a drive-past town.


I'll give Mr Lonewacko a break and not criticize his lack of understanding of our town. But Littleton is a great place to live, even if it is excessively Republican. riday night live music was available downtown at the Flora Latte. This morning (Sunday) there was a traffic jam between downtown and our new TJ Maxx.

Your comments are unfair. Littleton is a great place for people who llike to get back to the basics of life