Sep. 19, 2003: Albany is semi-OK, for a capital city that few go to unless they've got governance on their minds. It has some high-crime areas, and it also has an interesting area where I was able to buy two very greasy slices from a shop obviously owned by a devout Muslim at around 10pm. His enburkaed wife helped out, and he had a few posters praising Allah on the walls. It's too bad he wasn't selling falafel or hummous, but the pizza wasn't that bad. Unlike many of the other areas Lonewacko has visited on his journeys, the area seemed to have a little bit of life, even though it seemed to degenerate not too far down the street. Unfortunately, Lonewacko doesn't know exactly where in Albany it is. The next day, I paid a visit to Troy, which despite having some nice old buildings had apparently been allowed to rot during the past few decades. There doesn't appear to be any old WASP money in the area, just local burghers. Schenectady is the home of GE and a company town.