I'm in Maine.


The Lonewacko has heretofore known very little about Maine, mostly out of disinterest. It was all the way at the other end of the country after all. Wasn't it really actually part of Canada anyway? Lonewacko was apparently out of the loop, because not only do people live here, they apparently come here (in the summer) in droves. For some strange reason, that point is taking a long time to sink into my brain. There are actually other people here, it's not just trees and moose.

On the way up, I made a list of the things I knew about Maine:

- Steven King
- Katahdin
- Acadia National Park
- lobsters, trees, and water
- really bad weather
- the pant-suited, man-hating Jessica Fletcher
- L.L. Bean
- it's where the Bushes go on their summer vacations

I'll be here for a few days, then I'm heading south. I'll also try to post about what happened between Bedford PA and here now or within a few days. Meanwhile, enjoy this Maine overview.


Are you going to hike Katahdin, the highest point in Maine? I've done that a lot of years ago. As I recall, the best campground for approaching Katahdin is Roaring Brook. There's a trail called Knife Edge that is not to mess around with. Also, Thoreau wrote a book about travels in Maine (The Maine Woods) which includes Katahdin. I didn't know you were going to Maine, I would have tried to get in better touch. I've been there a lot.

My Grandfather (b. Bar Harbor, 1893) always said the ME of his childhood was an outpost of the British Empire, with more social and economic intercourse with Nova Scotia than with the rest of USA. He couldn't wait to get out and go to the States.

If ME is the most "Canadian" state this is not surprising since for years NS was the most "American" province. Altho has anyone checked Montana/Alberta or North Dakota/Sask.

Maine is beautiful! Thanks for posting that Maine overview.