I'm the king of the flatland summits

Earlier today I bagged the highpoints of Indiana (1257') and Ohio (1550'). The tent area of the KOA Kampground where I stayed yesterday was nestled between a nice little pond and the ever-present noise of I70. So, I didn't get much sleep and I didn't feel up to going for a third, fourth, or even fifth in the same day. In actual fact, I don't think it would be possible to get the highpoints of PA, MD, and WV all in the same day unless you started at the Indiana highpoint at midnight.

I was very glad to get out of Indiana, and it's unfortunate that I just drove across Ohio without exploring it in more depth. The personalities of those I met seemed to change for the better once over the border, and the women, while not as outdoors fitness-oriented as those in Indy, were consequently more overall attractive. I was also heartened by the appearance of hills as I went east; Zanesville looked like an interesting small city worth a future visit should I be in the area.

I'm also happy to report that Wal*Mart is not the fearsome competitor some think them to be. According to a few employees of a superstore in Richland, IN and a secretary in Bellefontaine OH, Wal*Mart isn't trying to cut off the air supply of the more local merchants. Hooray for Wal*Mart!


Why were in such a rush to get out of Indiana? Haven't done any of these HPs myself; the only one in the E. was Mt. Washington, years ago.

Roger Williams, Boulder, Colorado.