My interview and pictures at Joe Shea's Route 66 museum can't do it justice, and it's already been covered many times. In his former service station he's collected various Route 66 memorabilia. He showed me various articles that U.S. and overseas newspapers had written about him, including one from the 2/17/02 LAT. His register contains the names of several people a day who come there, including many from Germany, Japan, and other faraway lands.

"Lots of good looking women from Brazil..." I said as he showed me where his some of his visitors came from. "They were mostly men. And here's one from Panama. She was a petite little pharmacist."

The idea of a petite little Latina farmacista sounded real good to me, but he thought she'd already moved on.

On the way out of town, a legal secretary/weathergirl/real estate agent type of blonde in a white Miata let me cut in front of her. Since Denver, I really haven't seen too many good looking women and, while she wasn't exactly my type, she did have a pretty face. Made even prettier by the fact that she was looking at me with a welcoming look. Or, at least it was curiosity or something. Like, she was wondering why I hadn't removed the cicadas stuck in my radiator.