Lonewacko: blogging live from Denver

The Lonewacko Blogging Across America tour continues, and I'm now in Denver.

It took a bit more time than expected because I was driving aimlessly back and forth through UT, AZ, and the southwestern part of CO, including visiting several national and state parks. I'll post pictures later.

However, I'm now 1/3 of the way across the country. I'm going to Rocky Mountain National Park tomorrow or the next day, then it's on to Kansas, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, and points east.

I also haven't promoted the tour as much as I should have, but hopefully that will change. If you want to meet me, leave a comment here with a valid email address.


Interesting trip. Too bad you missed Hunterdon County in NJ. It's beautiful, or at least it was 30 years ago - farms, woods, river valleys, rolling hills, postcard water wheels by the streams.

Saw your comments on talkleft.com re printing voting receipts with copy to be given to voter. Your comment that no machine can be completely tamper proof is quite on the mark. I've been making the same points for some time now and have thought through some of the procedures that would support a voter-verified system.

Do you know anyone else who is pushing this line? I'll do some more Googling myself, but let me know if you have found a receptive audience to the idea anywhere.

Some of the anti-touch-screen (sounds like something Arnold needs) websites have good stuff, but they don't seem to quite get it. Think ATM. Think little box in the gas pump that handles your credit card. Think RECEIPT plus STATEMENT that the customer (i.e., voter) can review the day after.

I don't think this is a right-left issue. I would hate to see the country fall into something stupid and then not be able to fix it for a hundred years. Like the Electoral College.