Celebrities scheduled to appear

Audie Bock (NEW!)
Gary Condit (NEW!)
Leon Panetta (NEW!)
Gray Davis
Peter Camejo
Arianna Huffington
Michael Huffington
Michael Savage
Jack Kemp (appearance cancelled)
"Melrose" Larry Green
Darrell Issa
Arnold Schwarzenegger (tentative)
Bill Simon
Paul Simon/Art Garfunkel
Dick Riordan
Tom McClintock
Nanci Pelosi
Fugly the Klown
Huell Howser
Abe Vigoda
Ricky Henderson
Ron "Horshack" Palillo
Dianne Feinstein
Jerry Brown
Jackie Goldberg
Mark Morford

Special celebrity guest ringmasters: Bill, Hillary, and maybe Chelsea too

Not all celebrities' involvement could be verified at press time. No guarantee that any listed celebrity will appear is expressed or implied.

This post will be updated 24/7 as new celebrity announcements are made.

Perhaps I should change it into an RSS feed or something.