The State's revenge against media hoaxsters

From "Vegas officials charge Hunting Bambi promoter in'hoax'" (rgj . com/news/stories/html/2003/07/25/47824.php):

A promoter who city officials said created a hoax (snopes . com/inboxer/outrage/bambi.asp) about selling paintball safaris to hunt naked women is being charged with operating without a license, Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman said Friday... "I'll do everything I can to see this man is punished for trying to embarrass Las Vegas as a result of a lie and a scam,"Goodman said.

The seller created a media hoax. As far as I know, he did not commit fraud (i.e., by taking someone's money and not delivering). If the seller had taken money for a video but had not delivered, that would be a case. That's not what he's charged with.

He's charged with a ticky-tack charge of not having the proper license. This is clearly an attempt to use the power of the State to punish someone solely "for trying to embarrass Las Vegas as a result of a lie and a scam."

Here's one possible way it got to this point: the prosecutor thought it was for real. They wanted to charge him with assault or something similar. They spent hours investigating it, only to find out it was a hoax. They were pissed, and decided to seek revenge.

Anyone who promotes their business using creative but legal means, as well as anyone who's participated in pranks (that's my arm circled in red) should consider this an assault on their rights.

Hopefully the seller will fight this and it will in the end prove to be a big embarrasment to the prosecutor.

(Via talkleft . com/archives/003811.html)


fu twa to napolean. hope it was a hoax