Governor Savage?

OK, so maybe my support for Peter Camejo was a bit half-hearted (see the previous entry).

What about talk show host Michael Savage? Some say he got a bad rap from MSNBC and others of even lower repute.

And, Savage says he's considering running. Here's his platform:

  1. Enforcing Proposition 187, a ballot initiative approved by the people of the state that would have ended taxpayer subsidization of medical and education services for illegal aliens. Savage contends enforcement of the initiative would save California taxpayers $8 billion to $10 billion.

  2. The deportation of all criminal illegal aliens in the state. Savage says this action would save $3 billion to $5 billion.
  3. Hospitalization of the mentally-ill homeless. Again, Savage claims this would save $3 billion to $5 billion dollars in welfare payments.
  4. Enforce another state ballot initiative declaring English the official language. If you can't speak English, then don't vote in our elections. If you're too lazy to learn how to speak, read or write English, then don't vote in our elections. English only on all ballots. English only in all business dealings in the state of California.

Like all things Savage, it's a bit crude and over the top. Kinda like Sammy Hagar giving an anti-Khomeini concert.

But, at the same time, there's a lot of truth in his platform, and, frankly, it's not full of shit like most of his opponents.

#4 I fully support. Twenty-seven states already have such laws in one form or another.

#1 I very strongly support, but whether the various traitorous forces would be able to prevent it being enforced would be an open question.

Likewise with #2.

As for #3, we might have a bit of a disagreement there. Many of the street people currently on the street are there because they were released from mental hospitals where they had previously been warehoused. I'm not in favor of letting truly mentally-ill people continue to live on the streets, neither am I in favor of warehousing them. And, I'm not in favor of getting someone who's not dangerous, but who's unsightly, off the street just because someone complains.

So, #3 needs a lot of work, and the others I support but they need to be, shall we say, slicked up a bit to make them palatable to moderates. Unfortunately, that's not something Savage is too very good at.


Now this I'm more apt to agree with. Mike Savage can be a bit rude, but he's very intelligent, and honest. He claims he was informed that he was off air during that "get aids and die" statement.