Bush and Blair are liars who should stand trial for genocide

...Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair [are] "liars" who should stand trial for genocide over their invasion of Iraq earlier this year.

"They have told lies to the world. They have committed genocide, and they are criminals these two, Bush and Blair," he said.

That's a statement by Robert Mugabe, the legally elected President of Zimbabwe. Note that he's not the Selected pResident like Shrub, he was actually elected by the people. President Mugabe, who was recently actually elected to the African Union, is a true patriot who is bringing peace and freedom to his people.

In other news, President Mugabe "warned Britain and the United States that their descendants living in the country "will be the first to die" if the two countries launch an attack." And good for him!

Is there some way to get Dean to come out in support of Mugabe? Maybe Kerry (who fought in Vietnam, by the way).