"Ariz. Republicans say they'll fight bill to cut entrant costs"

From the Arizona Daily Star:

Republicans in Arizona's congressional delegation have joined their Democratic colleagues in opposing an initiative aimed at reducing the financial burdens created by illegal immigration...

In announcing the initiative earlier this month, supporters claimed illegal entrants are siphoning away tax dollars through welfare programs as government officials fail to stanch an "invasion" from Mexico. Many Democrats and Hispanics immediately criticized the measure as racist.

Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., called it "mean spirited" and said it has the potential to be as divisive as the bitter debate over the Martin Luther King jr. holiday...

[State Rep. Randy Graf of Green Valley] said [the opposition to the initiative] appeared to be part of "an orchestrated effort" by the highest echelons of the Republican Party who are concerned about wooing Hispanic voters.

"It's the only thing that can be motivating them," he said, adding that the Republican National Committee and "even the White House" could be involved.

Here are those responsible:

John McCain
Jon Kyl

Jim Kolbe
Rick Renzi
Trent Franks
John Shadegg
J.D. Hayworth
Jeff Flake

If you support Grijalva's statement, be sure and follow the link (this).