"Guestworker amnesty not wanted, not needed"

From the article "Unemployed in the U.S.":

The Chamber of Commerce crowd and its liberal immigrant-advocate buddies just don't get it.

Unemployment has risen to 6.4 percent, the highest unemployment rate in nine years. Businesses cut 30,000 jobs in June alone, mostly in factories.

America's manufacturing sector lost 95,000 jobs in April. Forty-eight thousand other jobs disappeared the same month.

The combined elimination of American jobs in February and March was 477,000...

But the unpatriotic business lobby and its strange bedfellows of anti-Americanism keep pushing their Faustian bargain: a mass amnesty of illegal aliens that's dressed up as a "foreign guestworker" program.

Washington-based agriculture lobbyists are pushing as "urgent priorities" "adjustment of status" (a euphemism for legalizing illegal aliens) and foreign agricultural guestworkers. For instance, the National Council of Agricultural Employers wants Congress to "allow experienced farm workers who are out of status an opportunity to become documented..."

In contrast to unscrupulous businesses' Washington mouthpieces, America's Main Street small businesses don't want a guestworker program and oppose amnesty. The National Federation of Independent Business finds in member surveys that small business owners by nearly 3-to-1 oppose "temporary guest worker programs to ease worker shortages." And only 16 percent of business owners actually favor "amnesty to illegal immigrants who have worked in this country for a specified number of years" that business lobbyists in Washington are pushing...

Compare the above with the statements made in the article "[SC] State House bill would crack down on illegal immigration":

One local state representative said he disagrees with Altman's bill. Rep. Fletcher Smith, D-Greenville, said he welcomes all immigrants - be they legal or illegal - as long as they are not terrorists.

"I don't have any problem with them being here," said Smith. "I think they are some of the hardest-working people around and I think any time you have competition in the labor force, you get a better product..."

A University of North Carolina demographics expert said that while federal authorities may be hunting terrorists, any crackdown on immigrant laborers may spur a "backlash" from employers in construction, poultry processing and other industries who thrive on immigrant labor...

And, compare the Democratic candidates' pandering on this issue.