Help me with my homework please

1. The L.A. Times' reader's representative wants to know why I referred to two of their recent articles as pro-illegal-immigration. Please provide me with a short list of reasons. For extra credit, write the whole letter.

2. I'm writing a letter to CA representatives in opposition to SB60, which would give driver's licenses to illegal aliens. Help me write the letter:

I strongly encourage you to vote no on SB 60 [explain bill]. Why would CA representatives want to encourage further illegal immigration? Isn't illegal immigration against the laws that you were sworn to uphold?

Any attempts to encourage illegal aliens currently in the U.S. to stay and to encourage millions more to come will only drive CA closer to financial ruin. At the present time CA is even facing the possibility of a default, "Teenagers Facing Hard Competition for Summer Jobs," "Blacks Lose Better Jobs Faster as Middle-Class Work Drops," etc.

If I believed Gil Cedillo's stated claims that this bill is for "public safety," I would consider myself the most naive person in the world. Obviously, this is not about "public safety," but about an attempt to increase ones constituency and power base.

["they were here first" and other Cedilloisms]... Cedillo is not alone in uttering statements such as those, see Vasconcellos' "since we stole it, let them steal it back" comments...

DLs as breeder documents... Rule of law... you were sworn to uphold the laws of the land. Please respect your oath.