Hillary Does Pasadena

Earlier today, I paid a brief visit to a Hillary Clinton book signing held at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena, CA. The pics are here.

There were maybe 200-300 people waiting in line hoping to have her sign it. Across the street, there were 8-10 FReeper protesters, dressed as Hillary, Monica, and Clinnochio.

Supposedly, people had started lining up the night before. There didn't appear to be too very much going on, so I just took a few pics and left. The photographic muse wasn't with me that day, and I failed to take any of my trademark high art news shots. Plus, I should have used the flash on a few of these pics, especially the one of "Hillary" alone.

Unfortunately, no one took me up on my suggestion that we bloggers should visit Sid Blumenthal's book signings. Perhaps we can try again with Hillary. If you go to one of her book signings, link to me and send me your link and I'll link to your report, etc.

UPDATE: I'm ashamed to say this, but the LA Times has a better report here: "Clinton Draws Long Line, Short Tempers". But, surely the blogosphere can outdo both me and the LAT?


Well-described, Lonewhacko. What a grim-sounding event!. I hope my signing tomorrow night is a little more fun--meant to be anyway. By the way, I'm linking you in my weblog list in a few secs. Great pics of San Jacinto. Been there myself.