All straight, white, Christian males must Unite!

Wait, you can't say that!

Who the heck are you?

I'm your PC filter.

So, why can't I say that?

Because you'll be roasted and toasted throughout the blogosphere like a "heretic... in 15th-century Spain."

Point taken. But, what if I say something like this:

Now is the time in history when Blacks and Jews, along with Latinos, Asians, Women, Gays and all "others" have the potential to work together. Together we can eradicate not only racism, sexism, anti-Semitism and homophobia, but also the poverty, corruption in government, destruction to our environment, corporate control, undermining of our civil liberties and a woman's right to choose, and ongoing warfare that threaten us all. Now is the time to unite.

Of course, no one listens to what Babs says, but similar things are said by many other "liberals," for an example, see the end of this post. The titular phrase is nothing more than the natural corollary to the quote above. You can't spell "divisive" without the root of "divide," can you?