Jesse Jackson promises hope, growth, opportunity

I'm very surprised by this story from the Washington Post:

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. - The Rev. Jesse Jackson visited the streets where rioting broke out this week, but he turned his attention across the river to the town's wealthier neighbor, St. Joseph, saying the residents of Benton Harbor should look across the river for an example of how to do things.

"Rather than attempting to shake-down corporations who are afraid of being called 'racist,' I think we should look inward, and attempt to solve our problems ourselves. Rather than trying to get money out of the guilty white residents of St. Joseph, or accusing them of conspiring against us, why don't we just get something done ourselves? There will be no more trivial law suits. There will be no more law suits based on a persecution complex.

Biblically speaking, the bible does not support socialism, and neither will I! Furthermore, I hereby denounce Bill Clinton and my role as his Spiritual Advisor," he continued.

Wait, I'm sorry, that was just the Alternate Universe Jesse Jackson. Here's the real version.