"What's the Joint Terrorism Task Force Doing in the Tiny Town of Rachel?"

Drudge links to this story about the FBI etc. raiding the house of a desert-rat-Area-51 type of guy:

He's prowled the hills and deserts of Lincoln County for several years now, has photographed exotic aircraft in the skies, and keeps an eye on the top secret base known as Area 51. He's even written a book about the place. Over the past few months, he's discovered that the military has been installing secret sensor devices on public lands surrounding the base. Using a frequency counter device, he can tell when his vehicle trips a sensor. When that happens, he looks for the hard-to-spot wire atop the device, and then he digs them up, takes pictures, and puts them back.

Because of this - or perhaps not because of it, no one's talking - the FBI and Friends seized his computer etc.

Strangely enough, just a few weeks ago I was perusing the website ufomind.com, which includes a page about Chuck Clark, the guy whose house was searched.


Something you should look at