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Obligatory Jayson Blair content

Historians of this blog will note that I haven't previously posted on the various NYT scandals (this doesn't count).

For my obligatory NYT-scandal content, let me direct you to this flashback from the NYT of November 12, 2002: "Colleges Find Diversity Is Not Just Numbers".

Regarding this article, this post says "It is tempting to treat this article as an unintentional parody."

The WeeklyStandard article "Dartmouth Does Diversity" says:

THE COUNTRY IS ON THE BRINK OF WAR, it faces the likelihood of another terrorist attack, and the New York Times is worried that Americans are not paying enough attention to race and gender. Two front-page articles on November 12--one on college diversity programs, the other on a golf club's all-male membership policy--offer a stunning demonstration of the loony irrelevance of Howell Raines's Times...

But this dreary monotony is just the point. The diversity industry, of which the New York Times is an integral part, perpetuates itself by constantly repackaging as new old nostrums about alleged ethnic friction and its therapeutic solution...

The college diversity scam contains four perennial features: (1) administrative deceit; (2) the pretense of acute minority and female fragility; (3) the hypocritical insistence on having it both ways; and (4) assiduous avoidance of the one true difference problem on campus...

...The second standard assumption of college diversity discourse is the psychological frailty of non-white and female students. According to the Times, an "internal" Dartmouth report (actually produced by the Committee on Institutional Diversity and Equity) found that minority students "felt damaged" by the college. Not just minority students, however. In the hyperventilating style favored by difference ideologues, the report's authors wrote that to hear from "students of color, women of all races and gay, lesbian or bisexual students who felt hurt, unvalued and ultimately less important to the mission of the college than others was searing indeed."

That "others" is particularly choice. By elimination, the only group not feeling pain at Dartmouth, it would seem, are heterosexual white males. The committee could have had the courage to name those insensate boors...

The rest of the article is pretty good as well.

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