Howard Dean <b>can</b> win!

Via this post comes this post which says:

After I attended the Howard Dean meetup this week... at The Metro, a gay bar in the Castro. I... signed up to volunteer... to do "outreach" activites, including, apparently, going to gay bars and talking to people about Dean. Well... a genuine excuse to [go] up to strange guys without having to worry about an opening line.

Good luck, but I don't think it's going to work unless someone is either crazy, drugged, or otherwise already fairly pro-Dean.

However, as my own form of outreach, I herewith present something that just might work:

"Hello, I'm Stacy, and welcome to Fry's!"

"Hi Stacy... say, can you tell me where the CDRs are?"

"They're on aisle 6A."

"Thanks. [Looks at Stacy's tan, chuckles.] Do they sell tanning beds here too?"

"No, that's a beach tan!"

"Really. What's your favorite beach, Stacy?"

"Oh, I like Trancas."

"Really. I bet you sometimes find yourself daydreaming about being at Trancas while you're working here at Fry's, don't you?"

"Well, yeah, sometimes."

"What would it be like if you were at the beach right now? Can you imagine walking along the shoreline, putting down your towel, and feeling the cool sand under you? You kick back and relax. Can you hear the waves gently crashing on the shore, Stacy?

There's a wave... there's another wave crashing...

You lie back, and completely relax. Feel a warm breeze gently waft over your body, Stacy... all your cares drift away on the breeze... feel your cares drift away... hear my voice blending with the rhythm of the waves... you relax more and more... you have no cares... you are completely and totally relaxed... clear your mind completely... the choice is clear... you are completely relaxed... vote for Dean... relax... no cares... vote for Dean..."

Fry's is an electronics chain in California and other states. It's famous for lacking knowledgable or polite salespersons. It's a great place to window-shop before buying something off the net.

Since I don't go to the beach, I don't know where Trancas is, somewhere in Malibu or something.