"The US Already Has Been Invaded"

Here's a good introduction to the current state of the illegal immigration problem:

Mexico has launched an effort to reclaim [the Southwestern U.S.] and to lay siege to the rest of the nation by encouraging as many Mexicans as possible to come here either legally or illegally; mostly the latter...

America is a point of destination for every illegal immigrant who believes, with good reason, that if they can get in, they will ultimately be granted amnesty and, if they are caught, they can easily move to avoid deportation. They are right...

We need to put the breaks on a massive invasion and, if it continues, there will be so many illegal "citizens" the map of the United States may be re-drawn because we weren't paying attention.

Here's one small step: contact the Mayors and City Councilmembers of Petaluma and Sonoma as suggested at the end of this post and suggest they read this article.


Something to think about: why don't we have a problem with Canadians "invading us" with immigrants?

My idea is to incentivize U.S. private investment in the small businesses and manufacturing sector of towns in northern Mexico, south of the Rio Grande. After about ten years of capital investment, the standard of living in this region of Mexico will improve. When the conditions are more affluent in the 50 to 100 mi stretch of Mexico south of the border, compared to the conditions of the Native American reservations and rural settlements in AZ, NM, and western TX that have already seen significant immigration that's impacting the delivery of social services there ... then the flow of illegals will be significantly reduced.

They will move to northern Mexico, on their way to the US, and see: more job opportunities, better housing, health care and schools for their children. Once they've seen that, they'd be crazy to try and sneak across the border.

As it is, these illegals get to northern Mexico, look around, yech, and can't wait to keep moving north into America. The poor conditions push the illegals over the border, you must address those poor conditions to fix the problem.

This investment works the same way as a snow burm or sand dune does to prevent drifts and beach erosion. You must change the economic gradient at the border (topography) to resist what you see as an undesirable human behavior (wind).

Of course, it's worth remembering that these same articles were written about the Chinese, Irish, Polish, German, Italian, and other ethnic immigrants; so with two centuries of historical track record, the conclusions you refer to may not be undesirable, but only a natural social evolution.

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