Lonewacko gets results. Kinda.

A while back, I blogged about a newspaper article entitled "Hispanics get affordable car loans." As it turns out, they weren't talking about all Hispanics, but instead it concerned companies giving low-rate loans to illegal aliens. I sent off several emails and even a FAX to the AP editor in charge of the story suggesting that they make that clear.

Now, the same AP reporter (Peter Prengaman) has a new report entitled "Oregon Ponders Tuition Break to Undocumented Immigrants." I haven't exhaustingly read and compared the two articles, but the latest one appears to use the word "illegal" a few more times than the first story, and it does offer opinions such as "Opponents say the idea will only encourage illegal immigration." It doesn't, however, include a statement from, say, Mark Krikorian of FAIR, so perhaps my new campaign will be to send AP Krikorian's contact info.