More revelations on those iris-scan-equipped passports

From "Blunkett wins backing for iris chip in passports":

David Blunkett won cautious support at home and abroad last night for the rapid development and use of biometric testing of travellers' eyes as a near-foolproof means of checking identity at international border crossings.

If successfully adopted on an international scale, new technology could head off pressure to introduce internal identity cards - "entitlement cards" as the home secretary hopes to call them - inside Britain, a controversial policy...

A scheme to equip British passports with biometric chips capable of storing details of the holder's fingerprint and iris pattern - both extremely hard to fake - is due to start by 2004-5, according to the passport agency.

The CNN report "France, U.S. back high-tech passport" has more of the same:

Police sources said the two states had agreed to jointly chair a working group of G8 states which will hammer out the technical norms for chip-driven identity papers of the future...

G8 states Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States and Russia want the chip-based system to make it difficult for criminals or terrorists to steal identities.

The problem of identity theft was highlighted in February when a British pensioner was detained in South Africa after being mistaken for a big-time fraudster hunted by the FBI.

Well, if an OAP was incorrectly inconvenienced, then I'm convinced. Bring on the scanners! Plus, they tell me the iris scans are completely safe.

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