Perky Katie "hopeful" for Saddam's safety?

All this Janeane Garofalo bashing is getting old. Let's bash Perky Katie Couric for a while!

The full exchange went like this:

COURIC: Mik, we only have a few seconds left. But quickly, anymore information about Saddam Hussein's fate?

MIKLASZEWSKI: Not at all. Wild speculation. But U.S. officials insist they still don't know what happened when - after they bombed that site in western Baghdad earlier this week.

COURIC: So, they haven't been able to confirm reports he was taken to Tikrit, and then Mosul, and then hopefully to Syria.

MIKLASZEWSKI: That - that's very unlikely considering the kind of U.S. forces that are arrayed up there.

COURIC: OK, Mik. Thanks.


She must be retarded. Or on automatic-blab.