PETA's new low

Earlier, they sent a letter to Yassir Arafat asking that he recommend against donkey bombs.

Now, their art exhibit "Holocaust on Your Plate" is touring the country.

The exhibit will be UCLA's Bruin Plaza (between Bruin Bear mascot and the Ackerman Student Union) on Thursday, February 27 between 12 noon and 2 p.m.


John, 'gator is pretty damn good. Firmer and 'spicier' than chicken, which it looks like, but breaks up more easily than beef. It's not at all weird in taste or texture. I gotta agree on bugs though, however when I lived in a college dorm, there were some roaches that looked as fat as a lobster.

PETA started out by protesting treatment of lab and "pet farm" animals, and I was pretty much with the program. The labs were made to conform to huminatarian standards. The farms are still in business, a couple get busted each year - but not by PETA.

PETA is now, to me, an abhorrent and blood-thirsty bunch of feel-goods with no mental capacity. Among other things, let us ask what happens if they convert humanity from omnivores to herbivores to the animals they are so concerned about? Does "mink farm" conjure up alarm bells? It should - when demand fell, breeders destroyed their animals. No future generations except on the wild - and just where are chickens "wild?" Guernsey cattle, Holsteins, other milk/beef cattle?

I don't like tofu. And I am allergic to most greens. A totally vegetarian diet could kill me, from boredom if nothing else. I like [mammmal] meat, fish, fowl. Never had the nerve to try reptile meat or insects.