Patty Murray, Anthrax, and Osama's Day Care Centers, Inc.

A good rundown of the Patty Murray affair is here, especially the "Criticism in two camps" section:

The criticism reflected in e-mails to The Columbian was largely in two arenas:

Some said Murray seemed to glorify bin Laden and credit him with doing more good work than they believe is accurate, such as building everything from roads to day-care centers in various countries.

Those critics also faulted her for not putting more emphasis on bin Laden's terrorist history.

The second main area of contention was her failure to acknowledge past U.S. foreign aid.

Meanwhile, the FBI seems to be, well, what exactly they're doing is a mystery to me. But, they appear to be all over Steven Hatfill like a cheap suit. Either charge him, surveil him better, or leave him alone.


patty murray is an idiot and she better lose her next election because she is a wack job who thinks bin laden is a good person for what he has supposedly done.