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Glenn Reynolds read my email!!! OMG!!!! I almost PIMPed!!!!!

Wow! If only I'd included a link to this here blog. I am the source of his reply in the "ANOTHER UPDATE" section here.

What prompted my email is it seems like Glenn (can I call him that, or should I stick to Mr. Reynolds for now?) is trying to set up his new sister-in-law as the poster child for immigration. He seems to be in effect making a highly biased generalization. And, he appears to be attempting to portray vdare.com as a fringe site, if not a haven for that racist xenophobe Steve Sailer.

The next time, perhaps my new email buddy Glenn should read a few of the articles at Sailer's site, and comment on their content instead.

I sent another email with this blog's address, asking him to update the entry with a link. So far, nothing.

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Mon, 01/27/2003 - 08:36
Mohamud Hassan

Iam having trouble reading my email