I have a sudden interest in volunteerism

Winona's gotta spend about two months worth of full-time work at various charity orgs. Of course, some of that will probably be assigned to various off-location work, but even so...

So, why wasn't Winona offered and strongly encouraged to take something like this to begin with? Why did the D.A. have to spend, I dunno, maybe a million bucks or so on a shoplifting matter? That's something we should look into with the same zeal as her prosecution.

Drudge also has a link to this article. Whether these people now count as traitors or enemy combatants is an open question. Maybe instead of serving as human shields they could serve as, say, proxy for Saddam's political prisoners. Take a jolt on the genitals for peace.

Parenthetically, why are anti-war types so gawdawful stoopid? Sure, many of those warbloggers seem like Generals Beavis and Butthead ("Shoot! Kill! Slayer, dude!"), but there are very few anti-war types whose reasoning abilities are above the Jimmy Whichard level.