Who you should vote for

It's very simple: I'm voting a straight Republican ticket, and I'm probably voting No on every Proposition and Measure.

Why? While I can't stand Republicans personally at about the same level as I can't stand Democrats/liberals personally, I think the Republicans are not so much my enemy as the Dems. We Angry White Male Loners are more or less excluded from the Democratic party, and find a bit of a home with the Repugs. The other parties have no chance, and the Repugs need all the help they can get.

I'm specifically voting against Bustamante for a reason that few "mainstream" commentators mention or perhaps even know about: his past membership in Mecha. For one view of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, see this article.

Cruz says he wasn't "the most radical Mechista." I assume that means he's not as far out as this guy. There are a lot of documents here. I only looked at a few, none of which he wrote and all of which are historical. Here's another article about a (perhaps) even more extreme group.

I'm voting NO on Proposition 52, as described here. I'm voting NO on Proposition 51 as well.

As far as the judges are concerned, I don't know anything about any of them, but I'll ask my lawyer what he thinks.

I'm probably voting NO on Proposition 46: after reading the full text here, I see what looks like many opportunities for porkage and losing money down various rabbit holes.

I'm probably voting NO on Proposition 47; more bond money, plus for the cruel and calculated reason that perhaps if the schools get too overcrowded someone might finally decide to do something about illegal immigration.

NO on Proposition 50, once again because it's a new bond, and also for some of the same reasons that Prop. 51 is unattractive: the porkiness of it all.

I'm voting NO on Measure A (L.A. County only). If they can raise matching funds, they can do the work cheaper without the need for funds from the state. $98 million to earthquake-proof the Natural History Museum? How much pork is there in that figure?

The only reason I'd vote yes on Measure B (L.A. County only) is because I consider it bad luck to vote no. I might need one of the closed centers one of these days. However, I'll probably vote NO a) to encourage better budgeting, and b) to show the drain that illegal immigration has on the economy.