Black Lives Matter releases list of extremist demands. How opponents will help them.

Black Lives Matter ("BLM") has released a list of demands (link) and they have to be read to be believed. Their demand for reparations will probably get the most attention, but that's just the start. They want race-based political control, the release of "political prisoners", and much, much more.

Normally, extremist demands like theirs would be ignored. However, BLM has one key ally: their loudest opponents.

Even though blacks who agree with BLM probably wouldn't vote for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton still needs as much turnout as possible. So, she might give in to some of BLM's demands. Maybe she won't promise reparations, but she'll probably agree to some of their demands. Since there's a good chance Hillary Clinton will be our next president, that means our next president might have agreed to anti-American policies that would greatly harm the U.S.

BLM's loudest opponents aren't planning for any of that. They aren't making demands of their own, or making HIllary think that giving in to BLM's demands might hurt her at the ballot box. The smart way to keep Hillary from embracing bad policies would be to make her think that she might get votes by embracing better policies like not giving in to extremists and not supporting massive and illegal immigration. Her and BLM's loudest opponents won't do that, in large part because they can't even understand it. And, in any case, the worse things get the higher their page views and the more appearances on Fox News they get. Their base consistently enables them, demanding only that their leaders tell them what they want to hear and never demanding performance. Even of the base and their leaders embraced reality, they wouldn't be able to come up with effective action plans designed to prevent BLM from gaining more influence.

BLM might also get help from Trump himself; Trump had a chance to reduce BLM's power but failed miserably. He might say something stupid that helps BLM or at least doesn't oppose them correctly. His supporters aren't about to demand he does a better job: those who want an authoritarian aren't about to engage in dissent. Even though it would help them, Trump, and the USA in general.

Want to do something about this? Make the points above to BLM's loudest opponents, and then challenge them to come up with a realistic action plan designed to deal with all eventualities. Don't expect much company besides me, thereby proving the point of this post.